Some important news: Tuned will be shutting down on 9/19.
We started as a small, experimental project in 2020, and are so proud of how many couples since then have told us Tuned brought them closer together. We are so grateful for all of the creativity and feedback from this community and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve learned so much from you. We hope this helped strengthen your relationships as much as it has for us with our own partners. Now it’s time to take the digital lessons we’ve learned and continue them IRL in our own ways.

Saving your Content
To save a downloadable version of your content from Tuned, open your version of the app and navigate to Settings. Under Settings, you should tap the option to “Download My Data”. This will start a process to save all of your Tuned history and export it to a .zip file. When your file is ready for you (in a few minutes), you will receive a notification in Tuned. You can tap through on that notification or navigate back to settings “Download My Data” and you’ll see your file ready for you. When you tap on this file, it will open a web browser and will save to Downloads. When you open this .zip file, you should be able to see each individual photo or video asset saved along with an .html file that shows a full view of your whole feed history.

All our love,
The Tuned Team
available in US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand